About us

Black car on country road.

Onequote Direct has been established since 2005 when Europa Group Ltd expanded into the car, home and van insurance market place. Europa Group started with MotorCycle Direct in 1997, focused on providing bike and scooter insurance solutions.

Europa Group provides a wide range of insurance solutions to the general public, insurance brokers, insurance companies and affinity partners. These solutions range from third party administration, insurance broking, underwriting, business insights and the wholesaling of bespoke products. Our experienced teams are able to adapt a wide range of business models to suit individual circumstances and have a proven track record in delivering these solutions in a timely and profitable manner.

As a result, Europa Group manage more than 366,808* insurance policies and employ over 500* staff at our purpose built North Bristol offices.

Our independence and financial strength give our customers and business partners the security they need in an uncertain financial world.

Europa Group Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Find out more about our products and services, further information can be found in our Terms of Business.

*All figures correct as at November 2016.